Museo for All

The Museo for ALL project sets out to develop and strengthen the accessibility of the BeGo Museum, ever attentive to the importance of sharing its heritage and to the presentation of its contents in a way that meets the needs of different targets, also in terms of inclusion. The concept of accessibility, as we of the BeGo museum see it, does not only consist in catering for people with disabilities, but it is a proper working method. It means taking care of everyone and establishing positive relations, thanks to the uniqueness of our heritage, with whoever enters the museum, so that each and every visitor may enjoy a full and enriching experience. The different needs of each Museum-goer must be interpreted as a precious opportunity for reflection and growth in the ambit of project activities of cultural, educational, social and inclusive value, and therefore of benefit to EVERYONE. Our objective is to turn BeGo into an excellent expression of Tuscany and Italy, to become a research and documentation centre dedicated to museum accessibility, as well as a landmark for the community and the local territory; the latter is characterized by two important architectural-natural features which are the Via Francigena and MuDEV (Museo Diffuso dell’Empolese Valdelsa).