Art is art

Unveil the canvas!


It is never too early to approach art. Even as children, we are used to finding ourselves in front of blank sheets of paper ... but what if we find ourselves in front of a completely black canvas? A technique inspired by some workshops conducted by Marco Borgianni, a different way in which to create a personal work of art in order to find out what happens if we decide to detract rather than add.

Length: 2 hours for the first session, 2 hours for the second session.
Price: 5.00 € per participant. It is also possible to participate in one session only, the price is 3.00 € per participant.

Let’s create a FRESCO!


The educational module dedicated to frescoes consists of two sessions which are necessary for the comprehension of this complex and fascinating pictorial technique.
First session: starting from the observation of the frescoes of the two monumental tabernacles of Benozzo Gozzoli, with the help of tactile didactic aids specifically created for a sensorial experience, we will probe in detail and easily understand how one of the most majestic and impressive art techniques was carried out.
Second session: with the practical workshop everyone will create a fresco on a flat tile, from the preparation of the support with plaster (the arriccio) to the execution of the preparatory drawing: we will get our hands dirty with charcoal and colour and we will actually prepare the pigments ourselves just as they did in the ancient Renaissance workshops. .

Length: 2 hours for the first session, 2 hours for the second session
Price: 5,00 € per participant. It is possible to attend one session only at the price of 3.00 € per participant

Is all that glitters gold?


We are going to discover one of the most precious and fascinating techniques: gilding. After a visit to the precious treasures of the Santa Verdiana Museum in Castelfiorentino, where we will analyze the production phases and the tools of this ancient profession, we will learn how to reproduce the ancient splendour of panels embellished by a gilt background. Thanks to a meticulous workmanship, the process has remained the same since the earliest times. At the workshop of the Benozzo Gozzoli Museum we will all decorate with burin and punch.

Length: 2 hours
Price: 4.00 € per participant comprising entrance to the Santa Verdiana and BeGo Museums, laboratory and materials

A perspective view


After observing the frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, and tracing the innovative features implemented during the Renaissance, we will study optical illusions, the laws of naturalistic art, the concept of spatial illusion and, consequently, perspective. After that, we will carry out a simple graphic project to learn how to achieve a three-dimensional effect.

Length: 2 hours
Price: 2,00 € per participant