Benozzo GozzoLIS

At the BeGo museum, visitors also have the possibility to learn about Benozzo Gozzoli through an audio/video guide which has been especially designed by a team of hearing impaired professionals, Carlo di Biase and Rosario Liotta. The guide, created with a view to inclusion, is accessible to everyone including visitors with impaired hearing, irrespectively of their ability to use the Italian Sign Language (LIS). Indeed, the video contains a special explanation in LIS about the museum and its works, subtitles and an Italian voiceover. In order to provide perfect synchronization between the two languages (Italian and LIS), the video also contains a musical background. The speaker is Carlo di Biase, one of the greatest experts of museum communications in LIS for visitors with impaired hearing.

The audio/video guides of the BeGo museum are acknowledged by the MAPS national project MAPS - Musei Accessibili per le Persone Sorde MAPS - Musei Accessibili per le Persone Sorde (

Benozzo GozzoLis