Museo for everyone

The BeGo museum has made its two rooms and relative exhibits accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. In fact the museum has joined the “Museo for everyone” project developed by the Associazione l'Abilità Onlus in cooperation with the De Agostini Foundation, which aims at promoting social inclusion and unrestricted access to culture for people with intellectual disabilities by means of educational experiences and specific materials, in order to ensure that everyone enjoys a pleasant visit. The BeGo staff is adequately trained to welcome people with intellectual disabilities, and ensure that correct relational and communicational methods are adopted. Following an attentive critical analysis of the Museum spaces, its works and contents, we have arranged for a guide to assist these special visitors in a simplified language enabling them to familiarize with the Museum. By reducing the stress caused by comprehension problems, the emotional and cognitive experience of the visit may be enhanced.

Suitable for people of all ages, the guide enables you to choose between an independent or a staff-accompanied museum tour. The materials provided (easy-to-read sheets, social history and CAA cards) are also suitable even for people with moderate-serious intellectual disorders. A simplified guidebook can either be downloaded using the link below or collected at our ticket office. We invite all caregivers to download and to use the guidebook in order to prepare their visit in advance, enabling the person in their care to enjoy the visit without feeling ill at ease or manifesting problematic behaviour. In particular, social history is a tool specifically designed to help disabled people in their understanding of the experience ahead of them. All the texts describing the museum and the works are written in an easy to read language, targeting people with attention and memory deficiencies. The “Museum for everyone” trail, conducted by our museum staff, lasts about one hour and a half. During the visit, the group will be invited to actively participate in identifying the works and describing them.