In the footsteps of Benozzo Gozzoli, Cosimo Rosselli and Neri di Bicci – Walking on the Via Francigena

Trekking excursion

The excursion starts from the Museum where the frescoes of two monumental tabernacles painted by Benozzo Gozzoli for Castelfiorentino in the late 15th century are still preserved today. By crossing the Bridge over the river Elsa as we leave the museum and following the riverbank on the left, we will enter the valley floor of Via Francigena, until finding ourselves immersed in the fifteenth century atmosphere created by small churches and local villages which, even today, safeguard precious objects of inestimable value.

From Santa Maria to Lungotuono, which hosts the precious panel of Madonna del Latte (1471) by Cosimo Rosselli, we reach a little chapel known as Madonna della Tosse, where the eponymous frescoes used to be – now kept in the BeGo museum – where even today the sinopias (underdrawings) by Benozzo Gozzoli continue to fascinate visitors.

The last stretch of a short climb takes us to the small village of Castelnuovo d’Elsa, where we draw breath and admire the amazing fresco painted by Paolo Schiavo in the Church of Saints Lorenzo and Barbara. The entire excursion is guided and pleasantly commented with interesting information on the landscape, natural surroundings and historical-artistic facts by the staff of the BeGo museum and by some environmental experts of Toscana Hiking Experience (

When: From April to September
Length of the excursion: about 6 km with shuttle service; difficulty: EE (simple) – minimum age 7
Excursion time: 2 hours and a half including stops
Price: 18.00 € per participant, museum entrance ticket included
Mandatory reservation (minimum 15 participants per group)

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