Hearing impaired visitors

The BeGo is committed to breaking down barriers to enable hearing impaired visitors to enjoy the museum heritage.
At our ticket office, tablets containing audio guides in the Italian Sign Language (LIS) are available at no extra charge to facilitate and afford dynamic and immediate access to the museum’s heritage to deaf people. Developed in a design-for-all format, the audio-video guides are complete with subtitles, voiceover, sound and noises which make them accessible to everybody.
The four different trails, curated and interpreted by Carlo Di Biase, tell the history of the museum, its painter Benozzo Gozzoli and the two majestic tabernacles he created for Castelfiorentino: one in honour of the “Madonna della Tosse” and the other conventionally called “of the Visitation”.

Other multimedia tools providing additional information about the artist and the museum’s heritage, the fresco and “strappo” technique are subtitled in Italian and English.

Benozzo GozzoLis

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