In an on-going process of research, in-depth analysis and promotion of the local artistic heritage, BeGo confirms its mission as a cultural institute able to valorise and promote, with a particular attention to accessibility, the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Castelfiorentino and Valdelsa. In fact, the museum also organizes exhibitions, conferences and trekking routes locally, with particular regard to the bond between the museum and the Via Francigena. Consistent with its past activities and in compliance with the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of the Cultural Heritage and Tourismof Tuscany and the ICOM, BeGo explores and experiments new modes of accessibility, through the use of special tools and professional skills. There is no universal or specific solution applicable to ‘small’ or ‘large’ museums: there is however a strong determination to provide a positive response to community needs and to ensure that the museum visit, rather than being a cause of frustration, is an opportunity to let oneself go to a form of tangible beauty, which enters our life and enriches it.

This aspect, in our opinion, has represented an important breakthrough since it has empowered the concept of “Diffused Museum”. In this way, it has created the ideal conditions for the widest possible perception of beauty, promoting culture and, more important still, improving the quality of life.